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I often hear that SEO measures have become "difficult" and "not effective".

It is often said that SEO measures require the content required by users and the authority of the site, and it is often thought that if you create content, it will be evaluated, but Google's evaluation will not rise just by creating content. .. The days when SEO companies can be effective are over.

We are one of the few marketing companies in Japan that can understand your business, build an essentially excellent site, and propose operations that enhance authority with our unique technology and experience.

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Why SUO instead of SEO?

In today's SEO, just creating good content does not raise Google's reputation.
It's important to "send", "recognize", and actually "evaluate" content, and Google doesn't rate content that no one knows or evaluates.

SEO's success isn't just about SEO, it's an era that's finally gained as a result of various marketing and engagements of many users.

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List of services

If you are not satisfied with the measures taken by the SEO countermeasure company, a new measure "SUO". SUO stands for Search User Optimization, which is a measure that optimizes for humans, not robots. It features cognitive measures using LPO, CRO, and SNS that SEO does not do.
Cocorograph's SEO competition comparison is a free SEO ranking comparison report. Extract all keywords from competing sites and compare rankings and inflows. Since all pages displayed in the search results are covered, it is useful for content design of your site by comparing SEO countermeasure status and content comparison.
SEO Search Query Report [Sachiko Report]. Measures the ranking and clicks of all keywords on the site and integrates with access analysis data. An SEO improvement tool that optimizes page and keyword extraction that contributes to conversion, CTR in search results, etc.

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