[November 2021 latest version] Summary of SEO news trends held in October

Recently, the movie "Full cooperation with Google"internshipI saw a movie called.

One day, two uncles with no digital literacy who suddenly got sick of watch sales jump into Google's summer internship where elite students gather to become full-time employees.

Of course, it's fiction, so I didn't say "I see everything!", But I thought Google was an interesting company again.

Now, let's take a look at the news about SEO this month as well.

[System] Google will end support for Internet Explorer 11.

Malte Ubl, Google's software engineer, made an announcement on Twitter, which is especially good news for the developer community.


"End of support" means that future new Google features will no longer be compatible with Internet Explorer.

This is the market where Internet Explorer is used on the desktop1.32%It should be bad news for you.

However, as Google engineers have stated, continuing to develop features for smaller segments of the market is not justified.

"We did math" may refer to an assessment of the resources needed to support IE11. This compares to the loss that can occur as a result of users failing to get the full Google experience. Continue reading below the ad

WordPress made a similar evaluation, and in JulyWordPress 5.8With the release, IE11 is no longer supported.

These decisions probably don't affect either company very much.Microsoft itselfConsider that was unplugged from Internet Explorer in July 2022.

Those who still have IE will sooner or later be forced to adapt to alternatives.

[Ranking] Is the alt attribute a ranking element in SEO?

This "alt attribute" is often not set unexpectedly

Of course, it is important in the sense of alternative text, but isn't it common to wonder, "How important should we be?"

Google emphasizes the importance of alternative text in many ways.

Google Search Central"Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide"So, the use of the alt tag is stated as follows.

“… Optimizing image filenames and alt text will help you better understand your images in image search projects such as Google Image Search.”

Google Search Central Advanced SEOIn the documentation, There is a page about image best practices. In a section called About Alternate Text, Google describes the use of alternative text.

"Google uses computer vision algorithms and alt text along with page content to understand the subject of the image. The alt text in the image also serves as an anchor text when using the image as a link. . "

Also, at the time of the webmaster in 2020, John Mueller

"For search, what happens with the alt attribute is to use it to better understand the image itself, especially for image search. So if you don't care about image search, the search perspective So you don't have to worry about alt text.

However, if you want these images to appear in your image search, it may make sense to display flashy quotes in your image search as well. You can use the alt attribute to verify that this is in the image. Get additional information around the page on how to rank that landing page. "

Was stated.

Either way, there is no clear mention, but I would like to fill it in as much as possible.

▼ In the case of WP, there is also an auto-completion code such as function.php "If there is no description, insert the same alt text as the title" in the description of php, so please refer to it.

The insertion part is "function.php".

////////////////////////////////////////////////// //記事内の空altを自動で記事タイトルにする ////////////////////////////////////////////////// function auto_alt_filter($html) { global $post; $post_title = get_the_title(); if ( $post_title !== '' ) { $html = str_replace('alt=""', 'alt="'.esc_attr($post_title).'"', $html); }else{ $html = str_replace('alt=""', 'alt="説明画像です"', $html); } return $html; } add_filter('the_content', 'auto_alt_filter');
Code language: PHP (php)

[Ranking] Does Google trust the quality of content? Or is it the number of links?

At the SEO Office Hour on October 22nd, I was asked to know "what is the best way to improve trust with Google to achieve a better ranking?" ..

John Mueller replied:

"I don't think there's a trust factor we can see and mention. Trust is 9 out of 12 (I don't know), or you have there. It is in the wax number.

So it's kind of (I don't know) ... it's like a philosophical question at the time.

Is it as if improving the overall quality of your content makes your website more credible with respect to Google?

…do not understand. There is no particular index for that. "


And John Mueller continues.

“I think it's always a good idea to improve the quality of content.

But that's uh ... there's a lot involved.

And when it comes to trust, it's definitely not just a link pointing to a website. "


It's close to the story of EAT, but in the past I also asked John, "Is the strength of SSL used a ranking factor?"
* SSL has ranks of DV, OV, and EV, and the credit rating increases as the latter becomes available. Many sites such as banks and financial institutions that handle personal information strictly use "EV".

Then there was a reply from John

No, Google search doesn't care what's behind the certificate. If it's a certificate accepted and valid in modern browsers, it's fine for us. There is no distinction by type-it is either safe and effective.

In addition, John continues.

The price does not make TLS / SSL more secure.@letsencryptIt doesn't matter if your financial institution uses a free certificate such as.

I continued.

In fact, EV certification etc. depends on the server used, but a high annual membership fee is required.

Furthermore, I am convinced that the search user can not open the key mark next to the URL of the search window and ask, "Is this DV authentication? ... Is it okay? ...".

Of course, I think that there is a company's name recognition and domain power, but I do not think that reliability and EAT will increase because I did something special, so I will work hard to improve the quality of the site and content every day. Is the best.

▼ Click here for SEO office hours on October 22nd

[Content] What is high-quality content defined by Google?

At the office hour on the same day as above, there was a talk about an even more interesting theme.

"It has long been said that technical improvements are less important to SEO than quality content."

The question started, but John started talking on the way.

"When it comes to content quality, it doesn't just mean the text of the article.

It's really the quality of your overall website.

And it includes everything from layout to design.

For example, how things are displayed on a page, how images are integrated, how speed is used, all of these factors work there. "


While many SEOs downplay the importance of page speed, Mueller says page speed contributes to how Google sees the quality of its content.

Most importantly, it's important to point out that "how all content is displayed on a page" affects "how Google views the quality of content."

This is a big issue as it extends the definition of what it means to have high quality content.

John continues.


"That is, looking only at the text of the article and ignoring everything else around it, this is not high quality text.

We really want to see the entire website. "

Mueller's definition of quality content is much broader than generally understood.

His quality content means more than just text. This includes images, layouts, all display methods, page speeds, and other factors. Some of these factors are also related to the user experience and how information is delivered to site visitors.

Certainly, the improvement of CWV is said to be "poor cost performance", "the last push if you line up in the same place", etc., and there are not many people in charge who mainly focus on this when implementing SEO measures.

However, if you start to touch these technical parts after implementing the royal road measures, it may be an opportunity to lead to a good direction.

Currently, there is a lot of information about improving display speed compared to when it was announced, and there are many easy-to-understand articles. There are some difficult parts, but why not try touching the back side gradually without hating hair?

[EAT] Does author information affect the ranking?

This is the information that John announced at the office hour on October 24th.

I said this when asked if it was important for a certified and authoritative doctor to write and review your medical content regarding Google's EAT recommendations.

John said no. There is no "quantifiable difference" between using well-known and lesser-known doctors in terms of SEO and rankings. "From a purely SEO perspective, either method should be fine," says John, who lets top doctors or lesser-known doctors write and review content. John added, "If you choose another author or another author, you won't see any difference in SEO rankings."

Google has previously recommended that doctors review your medical content and have an expert write your content. But Google also downplayed borrowing the name of an expert for this purpose, even if Google said it before trying to recognize the author's details.

▼ John's comment

I don't know if there are any quantifiable differences. It's also because we don't say it's a direct ranking factor. Examine the author, double-check this, double-check it. If you look at the big picture of the content on your website, it looks like that. So my feelings are purely from an SEO perspective, and probably neither method matters. From the point of view of some long-term, some authority, it may make sense to have a stronger author associated with it. However, if you choose another author or another author, you won't see any difference in SEO rankings.


In the end, I felt that it depends on what kind of site the site is and how it has been operated on a daily basis. Many users find it less likely to care about the author's name if the information they are looking for is clear and polite.

In the medical genre, I feel that it is persuasive that there is a little name recognition in niche fields such as dealing with intractable diseases and pinpoint information that seems to have a small search volume.


I feel that there wasn't much information last month, but I felt that it was important for SEO personnel to collect such detailed information on a daily basis.

In particular, SEO office hours are held more regularly than in Japan, and John Mueller answers directly, so there are many opportunities to get useful information.

I hope this article will be of some help to you.
If you have any questions after reading the article, feel free to Twitter (@kaznak_com) Etc., please ask.

see you.

Kazuhiro Nakamura
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Representative of Cocorograph Inc. 13 years of SEO history, more than 970 sites with countermeasures. We provide SUO, an upward compatible service of SEO that optimizes not only search engines but also search users. SEO / SUO's original report tool, Sachiko Report Developer. Book "The latest common sense of SEO taught by professionals in the field"
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Representative of Cocorograph Inc. 13 years of SEO history, more than 970 sites with countermeasures. We provide SUO, an upward compatible service of SEO that optimizes not only search engines but also search users. SEO / SUO's original report tool, Sachiko Report Developer. Book "The latest common sense of SEO taught by professionals in the field"