[September 2021 latest version] Summary of SEO news trends held in August

As an event around SEO that happened in August, I personally care about the automatic generation of titles. Currently, the site I'm involved in hasn't been significantly affected, but it's been a hot topic on overseas SEO sites.

Let's look at it first.

New algorithm for page title generation

New system for generating web page titlesWas introduced. The outline of the mechanism is as follows.

One of the main ways to determine which search results are relevant to your query is to look at the titles of the listed web pages. That's why Google Search strives to provide the best titles for search results documents to connect searchers with content created by creators, publishers, companies, and more.


The automatic title generation itself is not new. It was especially focused on queries. In this case, it will be automatically generated after reflecting the contents of the entire page.

Why is the title automatically generated in the first place?

Why not use traditional HTML title tags? At that point, there is an example answer at Google Search Central.

  • Title too long
  • Too many keywords
  • No title tag

In such cases, it is considered that the page is not properly described, and this automatic generation seems to occur.

And it continues as follows.

If you come across a very long title, you may choose the most relevant part instead of starting from the beginning and truncating the more useful parts.


This uproar is also discussed in several parts on Kenichi Suzuki's blog.


It's also the blog above, but Google spokeswoman Danny Sullivan says

Many people understand and aren't aware of SEO. Some operators may not be able to handle such things because their work is busy. We are focusing on all publishers to be the best and prevent mistakes.


... apparently ...


Why are you talking so much?

It's not uncommon to see more or less critical comments after every core update.

However, as a point this time,

  • In the first place, many people did not know the system of automatic title generation.
  • This auto-generation provides the wrong information.

I also feel that the elements around here are causing excitement.

I didn't care because I didn't have images that happened so often, but I knew this kind of automatic generation.

However, with this update, there are many tweets that feel like "Hey, what's this?", Because the influence of automatic generation has increased more than before on overseas sites.

It's no wonder that you don't know it and you're confused when it increases visibly.

Is it due to a fatal mistake?

Another bad thing is that this auto-generation provides the wrong information.

As you can see on Kenichi Suzuki's blog earlier, if you search for "joe biden", which is the name of the American president "Mr. Biden", the top site title is "Vice President". Vice means "secondary".

Currently Mr. BidenPresident, not Vice Presidentis. I used to serve as Vice President in the past, but it seems that the information at that time was erroneously influenced.

Even though the HTML title is set to "President", it provides the automatically generated incorrect information.was doing.

It's no wonder everyone complains.

It is said that this automatic generation has no direct effect on the ranking, but ... hmm ...

John Mueller said on August 27th on the Google side, as there are too many cases that are inappropriate and there are many opinions in the community and Twitter.

You should iteratively adjust the algorithm with reference to all the feedback you have gathered. I think things will get better, but people working on SEO may want to stop making any further changes. But I'm hoping for some meaningful improvements.

meta It's not that there's no talk about how tags or otherwise opt out of fixes. But personally, I don't think it will happen, at least in the near future. Because I didn't really need such a thing in the past.

Besides, I think it's wrong to go in the direction of providing an opt-out mechanism just because the algorithm is a little overkill at the moment. Instead of relying on additional settings to solve it, it should be solved by improving the algorithm.



As Mr. Kenichi Suzuki has said many times, he wants a tool that refuses to rewrite the title.

Sure, you can rewrite an empty title or a title with too many keywords, but it's complicated to make fine adjustments even though you have set the title properly.

From the user's point of view, it seems that the 5th place site with the correct title is selected rather than the 1st place site with an unnatural title. Not only the ranking but also the impact on CTR is a concern.

What kind of movement will we see in the future?

Spam link update complete


The link spam update, which was supposed to finish in about two weeks, has almost doubled in four weeks.

What kind of content?

Link spam refers to malicious links from pages that are considered low quality content, such as links.

It does not penalize sites that use such links, including the same updates in the past.Ignore / Do not evaluateThat seems to be the purpose.

Is it like, "It's useless to collect backlinks in that way, it doesn't make sense because you ignore it."

What are the points to note?

Using affiliate links to monetize your website is not a problem.

However, if you use it, was the affiliate link created manually? Was it created dynamically? Regardless of, it is strongly recommended to write rel = “sponsored” in the link.

You may also want to be careful about excessive affiliate link insertion.

It would be best if we could create good quality content and collect useful links naturally.

Chrome developer tools support Japanese

The developer tools familiar with F12 support more than 80 words including Japanese.

For those who are originally using it, it is rather difficult to handle until they get used to Japanese because they understand and are accustomed to it in English, but for those who have felt that it is difficult to handle in English until now. May be a chance to take a step forward.

Officially, it is released on 9/21, but if you want to use it now,Chrome Canary Try using.

I actually tried using Canary. It is in Japanese properly. very…

There are still many parts of Google that do not support Japanese, such as tools and search central, but this is nice.

US version About this result provides ranking factors

About this result is a function that was introduced in the US version of Google in February 2021 and displays "what kind of site the information is from" the site displayed in the search results.

In the past, the security of https connections, citations from Wikipedia if it was registered, when Google indexed it if it was not registered on Wikipedia, etc. were posted.

Let's actually take a look at our top articles.

About this result
Search results for "coverage issues".

I will explain the part that describes the reason why it is posted.

・ These search terms appear in the result: coverage and problems

Whether the word contained in the search query exists on the page. In this case, it's "coverage" and "problem".

・ A term related to your search appears in the result: coverage

Whether the word associated with the search query exists on the page. Includes "coverage".

・ The result is in Japanese

Refers to the target language. In this case, it's "Japanese".

This result seems relevant for this search, even though it typically appears for searches outside the United States

It is the target area. In this case, it is displayed in searches outside the United States.

It is said that it will be supported in many areas in the future, so it will be supported in the Japanese version of Chrome as well.

It's not a specific ranking factor, so I can't tell you everything from this information, but I think it's useful for those who are going to come into contact with SEO to investigate competing sites and top sites.


When I thought that the core update was over, a big wave of automatic title generation came in.

I think that Google will make fine adjustments, so I asked you to wait without rushing, but I would like you to settle the title problem related to clicks as soon as possible.

The author will also check every move in the future while following overseas SEO media sites.

I hope this article will be of some help to you.
If you have any questions after reading the article, feel free to Twitter (@kaznak_com) Etc., please ask.

see you.

Kazuhiro Nakamura
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Representative of Cocorograph Inc. 13 years of SEO history, more than 970 sites with countermeasures. We provide SUO, an upward compatible service of SEO that optimizes not only search engines but also search users. SEO / SUO's original report tool, Sachiko Report Developer. Book "The latest common sense of SEO taught by professionals in the field"
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Representative of Cocorograph Inc. 13 years of SEO history, more than 970 sites with countermeasures. We provide SUO, an upward compatible service of SEO that optimizes not only search engines but also search users. SEO / SUO's original report tool, Sachiko Report Developer. Book "The latest common sense of SEO taught by professionals in the field"