[April 2022 version] Summary of SEO news and trends held in March

There was a little movement in the search results, and there were many opinions on Twitter that doubted the core update. Just googleDanny Sullivan"We haven't updated the core," he said.

Since the last update was in November 2021, I also felt that it was a possible timing.

Let's take a look at the March SEO news.

If you can update multiple high-quality pages every day, will you dramatically move up to the top?

This topic was an exchange that happened in February, a little while ago. (Sorry, this is not March information.)

A blog operator asked John Mueller this way.

If I write and publish 4 articles of good quality every day, will the SEO quality of the site improve like magic?

Other bloggers give their opinions before John.

  • in the first placeYou can't write 4 good articles every day(It's not easy)
  • Ranking elements include volume, competition, etc. in addition to articlesThere are many other than articles
  • The more content you create, the more traffic you will have.

I say.

John responded to the final part, "The more content you create, the more traffic you will have."

"Just because you have a lot of content doesn't mean that your search traffic will increase."

I just give my opinion. The other opinion is not wrong.

Sure, it's not just about having more content. Especially in modern SEO.

However, I feel that it is good to create a lot of high-quality content at a fast pace. I think the problem depends on how you judge the "quality" ...

For users, you should always think of content that is good for Google.

Strict owner confirmation in Google Business Profile

It seems that the criteria for owner confirmation have become stricter in the Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). It seems that it is mainly for anti-spam measures.


  • Postcard mailing
  • Email
  • Video shooting

It was possible to manage by confirming by any one means such as.

This time,

We may require you to verify by more than one method.

You may request confirmation in one or more ways.

Is added, and there may be cases where multiple methods are required.
In addition, the following has also been added.

Often, we need to review verifications. These manual reviews help maintain the integrity of all profiles. They can take up to 7 business days.

Owner verification often requires review. Manual review helps keep all profiles consistent. The review can take up to 7 business days.

If you add a new owner in the future, keep in mind that there are cases like this.

[For PC] Completed page experience update

Google has announced that the Page Experience Update for PCs on February 22nd has been completed.

Originally, it was announced that it would take until the end of March, but the rollout was much earlier than expected.

What is the impact on the ranking?

So far, we haven't seen any results that could be considered an impact.

Originally, there is a recognition that it has a small influence as a ranking factor, so search results will not change dramatically.

That said, don't leave the site slow and inconvenient for users. You will need to try to improve as much as you can.

In the future, it is possible that these factors will be emphasized due to changes in the algorithm.

Treatment of synonyms in search results

At the SEO Office Hour on March 11th, John Mueller was asked such a question.

Why is there such a difference in ranking in synonyms? Also, is there a big difference there?

The user who actually asked the question is ranked in "Edit Video" but not in "Video Editor" at all.

John answers.

If you're looking at something like "Edit Video" and "Video Editor", your expectations are a little different.

On the one hand, I want to edit the video. On the other hand, you may be interested in downloading video editors and more.

And although it looks very similar ...What users want is slightly different..

So, from my point of view, it makes sense to display different rankings there.

The same is true if the words are spelled slightly differently, such as when using the English or US version of an English word. If you have words or letters with accents and no accents, you understand that they are almost the same.

But I also understand that they are slightly different.

And I try to display the search results considering such things. "

Even if the words are similar, it depends on the user behavior and the psychology of the user.

As John said, "editing a video" could be "I want to know how to edit", "I'm looking for a video editing professional", "I'm looking for a video editing job", and so on. It doesn't necessarily mean "video editor".

"Similar words, but with slightly different purposes and backgrounds ..." If you understand that, the way you think about content for queries will change.

Universal Analytics ends on July 1, 2023!

Google has announced the end of the current GA (Universal Analytics).

It's been a while since GA4 appeared, but it's difficult to handle (although there are prejudices ...), so I think there were many people who said that the main analytics were universal analytics.

To summarize briefly,

  • Universal Analytics data can be used and collected until July 1, 2023.
  • After July 1, 2023, new data will not be collected, but previously collected data will be accessible for at least 6 months. During this time, Google recommends exporting and saving the data.
  • The full end date of support is undecided, but after the end of support, it will not be possible to check analytics reports on the management screen or access data via API.
  • The paid version of Google Analytics 360 will be extended until October 1, 2023.

about it.

Details are summarized in a separate article, so please see here as well.

Is Universal Analytics Finished? How to use GA4 correctly?

alt text only affects image search

"Alt text" to explain the meaning of an image when the image on the site is broken.

The alt text is often argued as a factor in SEO, but John Mueller has said it is not a factor in normal search results.

"From a general point of view, alt text means image replacement or description. This is especially useful for people who can't see individual images, who use screen readers, etc., and search engines do this. It also helps you understand the content of the image.

If you already have the same description of the product around the image, you have what you need for a search engine, but if you're using a screen reader, it makes sense to include some alt text in that particular image. I am. "

John said, "In the first placeHaving an image does not directly lead to a website rating. "Is called.

Does it mean that the presence of images improves the understanding of the content and is kind to the users, which leads to the evaluation of the site? I understand what you mean.

However, in any case, it is best to include the alt text, so let's modify the content with the recognition that it is "normally included".

URL parameter tool exits

Google has announced that the URL parameter tool for the search console will be discontinued on April 26, 2022.

Originally released in 2009Used for crawl control of URLs with specific parametersThing.

The reason for the abolition is that Google has become more accurate and can better determine what is important and what is not. In other words, you can do what you want with this tool without using this tool.

John Mueller was also talking about preparing a new parameter tool in September 2020, but it seems that it has been put into storage with the passage of time.


If you follow the detailed information, you can see how the uncertainties are gradually becoming clear.

The existence of the alt text was also important, and there was no mention of it as a clear factor, so I found out that it is a factor in image search in this news.

I hope this article will be of some help to you.
If you have any questions after reading the article, feel free to Twitter (@kaznak_com) Etc., please ask.

see you.

Kazuhiro Nakamura
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Representative of Cocorograph Inc. 13 years of SEO history, more than 970 sites with countermeasures. We provide SUO, an upward compatible service of SEO that optimizes not only search engines but also search users. SEO / SUO's original report tool, Sachiko Report Developer. Book "The latest common sense of SEO taught by professionals in the field"
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Representative of Cocorograph Inc. 13 years of SEO history, more than 970 sites with countermeasures. We provide SUO, an upward compatible service of SEO that optimizes not only search engines but also search users. SEO / SUO's original report tool, Sachiko Report Developer. Book "The latest common sense of SEO taught by professionals in the field"

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