Sachiko Report New function (click increase expected calculation / logo change function) addition notice

We are pleased to inform you that we have implemented the addition and improvement of the "Sachiko Report" function, which makes it easy to verify the effect and grasp the current situation when taking SEO measures.

List of improved features

  • You can now view the value of the expected increase in clicks.
  • The print screen logo can be replaced.

Below, we will explain the details of this functional improvement.

Display of reference value for expected click increase

Displayed in the summary report,

  • High-ranked low-click-through rate queries
  • URLs with high ranking and low click rate

Based on the actual value of the ranking and the number of impressions in the target search query, the estimated value of how many clicks will increase if it is a general CTR (click rate) is automatically calculated and displayed. I came to do it.

Added "Expected Click Increase" column.

In the "High-ranked low-clickthrough rate queries" and "High-ranked low-clickthrough rate URLs" reports, the click-through rate is high even though the ranking is within the top 10 in Google search results, that is, it is displayed on the first page. Those that are lower than the general value are automatically picked up.

A good ranking but a low CTR may mean that the page title, meta description, and other descriptive text displayed in the search results are less appealing to users than other sites. Therefore, by improving this, it can be a measure to increase the number of customers without improving the search ranking itself.

With this update, you can now automatically simulate how many clicks you've earned if you've earned a typical CTR.

By multiplying the actual value of the number of impressions by the assumed CTR of the actual ranking and calculating in advance, it is possible to know how much the number of customers is expected to be obtained once the measures are taken and the CTR reaches the assumed value. Therefore, it will be easier to prioritize the keywords and pages for which measures will be taken.

In the actual calculation

対象検索クエリの表示回数 × 対象検索クエリの順位の想定CTR - 対象検索クエリの表示回数 = クリック増加見込み

It is calculated by the formula.

Although it is a simple calculation, in the actual field of web marketing, we constantly grasp the situation of search results that change rapidly, and make a real-time decision as to what keywords and page measures should be strengthened while performing this calculation every time. Doing is a very tedious task and tends to be postponed.

Moreover, there are many search queries that are not related to CV (conversion), so you must select the search queries and pages that are of high importance while avoiding those extra keywords.

In Sachiko Report, there is an "Exclude Keyword" setting that specifies keywords that are always excluded from these keyword groups to be displayed in the summary report, so by setting the exclusion keyword, you can just open the Sachiko Report without doing anything. It is now possible to keep track of high-priority queries and pages.

Report print screen logo can be replaced

Sachiko Report is also widely used by advertising agencies and SEO service providers such as SEO consultants.

Until now, the logo image on the web report screen could be used by replacing it with our logo.

Sachiko Report has a function to print and convert the summary screen of the report to A4 horizontal layout, but with this improvement, it is now possible to change the logo image of this print screen to any logo image. rice field.

The logo part on the upper right can now be changed.

Aiming for improvement tools and reporting systems that are easier to use in the field

In the Sachiko Report, SEO consultants in the field actually use it in the field, and we are constantly pursuing and improving what tools and information are needed to facilitate measures.

We are developing improvements and new functions once every two to three months, so we will continue to evolve toward an easy-to-use tool.

Please see the service page for details on the Sachiko Report.

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