What is XPageSpeed? Explain the display speed improvement function provided by X server!

XPage SpeedWhat isX server companyis a display speed improvement function that was launched on August 29, 2022.

Let's try how much this function leads to improvement of display speed.

What is XPageSpeed

XPageSpeed is a convenient function for improving the display speed that can be handled only by turning on / off the button on the X server management screen.

Quoted from the official website below

"XPageSpeed" is based on the extension module "PageSpeed Module" developed by Google.
This is a website optimization function developed by Xserver.
Images, CSS, JavaScript, etc.Compress files to reduce data transferor
Reduce unnecessary communication by grouping files of the same type into onesuch as
You can apply optimization processing for SEO (search engine optimization) in website display with one click.


Currently, the number of plug-ins has increased and become more convenient, making it easier than when implementing Core Web Vital, but still making fine adjustments is troublesome.

If such work can be easily done with a single button, it is a very beneficial improvement.

Actual management screen


When you enter the actual server panel (management screen), "XPageSpeed setting" is added to the sidebar "Home page". When you click it, you will jump to the screen to select the domain to use, so select the domain you want to improve the display speed.


In this way, you can easily implement by simply selecting ON or OFF.

If it is WordPress, it seems that plugins such as "EWWW Image Optimizer" and "WP Rocket" do the same work on the server side.

It's convenient that this is all you need.

Impressions of actually using XPageSpeed (Lighthouse edition)

Anyway, I tried it once.

First, the state of the site without any optimizations.

c762cb631ec3bfe6c37e5efdfe6eb7bc 1

62 points. Due to the original environment and system conditions, we are still running image related support and CSS / JavaScript optimization.

Now, let's turn on the XPageSpeed function from this state.

ef116737c047f3c42b6da353b6ef9e25 1

It went up...!

LCP, CLS, etc. improved remarkably.

It's delicious that you can increase your score by 10 points with one button.

Impressions of actually using XPageSpeed (PageSpeed Insights edition)

Next time I'll check it out on PageSpeed Insights as well.

First, the XPageSpeed function is turned off.

Yes, it's a tougher number than Lighthouse.

Now let's turn on the XPageSpeed feature.


Wow, your PageSpeed Insights scores have skyrocketed.

After all, it has a very good impact on image distribution in LCP.

Points to note about XPageSpeed

Let's take a look at the points to note about XPageSpeed.

Let's check if it's the target server

First, check if your server supports it.

Below is a quote from the official

Target serverServer after sv10001.xserver.jp

*For the server you are using,Xserver accountPlease log in to and check the "Server" item or from "Server information" → "Server number" in the server panel.

* We plan to support the provision of the "XPageSpeed" function on servers prior to sv10000.xserver.jp.
If you are using a server prior to sv10000.xserver.jp and are in a hurry to use this function, please consider using "New Server Easy Migration" which allows you to migrate to the latest server environment free of charge.
For details, see the manual "New server easy migration procedure"Please refer to.

Quote:About the XPageSpeed setting

File quality may be reduced

The image quality of some files may be reduced due to the optimization process.

Basically, with regard to image optimization, most of the work is to reduce the size and image quality to the minimum realistically necessary. However, I don't think the image quality will suddenly deteriorate, so please rest assured.

I didn't really care about the feel value.

In some cases, it takes time to reflect due to the cache processing associated with optimization.

When cache is involved, there are cases where optimization does not run the moment the setting is changed.

Let's check the settings of the environment you are operating and the plugins and CDNs around the cache.

If there is a load on the server side, processing may be temporarily disabled.

Since this work will be done on the server side, there may be situations where the processing is not reflected if the server side is under heavy load or if the server side goes down due to some trouble.

Display failure may occur depending on the environment

Since it is not a setting on the WP side, it seems that there are few noticeable display collapses, but depending on the environment, display collapses may occur at all.

However, since you can switch immediately with the button, let's stop the function as soon as you feel suspicious.

Is the theme [AFFINGER] deprecated in the series?

In the AFFINGER series of popular themes,

"Since the above functions unconditionally perform compression of CSS files, JavaScript files, etc., this theme has functions corresponding to various cases.likely to cause problemsIt is considered. Therefore, in this theme, regarding "XPageSpeed"not recommendedTherefore, please use it at your own risk. ”

Quote:About X server "XPage Speed"

An announcement was made. I think that this kind of story will come out depending on other themes.

Settings for those who are worried about problems

Along with the change in settings, I also thought about settings for those who are worried about site crashes and display problems.

Settings that are most likely to cause site collapse


Perhaps the least disruptive method is to set only image optimization and lazy loading.

Originally, in the case of WordPress, etc., lazy loading of images is inserted as a default function, so I can't say whether it will lead to a big improvement.

▼By the way, if you want to optimize the image without relying on plug-ins, etc., please refer to the following.

favicons? domain = cocorograph What is a "appropriately sized image" from Page Speed Insights? | Cocorograph Inc.
When using Page Speed Insights, you may see an improvement point called "Image of the right size".

Settings that only optimize CSS


The next method that seems to have less problems is the setting that supports CSS optimization in addition to image optimization and lazy loading.

By including lazy loading, there is a possibility that temporary unnatural behavior and elements that are of concern to people who scroll quickly may appear.

So, I feel that this setting is less risky as it avoids lazy loading of CSS.

Settings that avoid only lazy loading for the time being


I want to support it as much as possible, but it is a setting to avoid only lazy loading and reduce the minimum risk.

When jQuery is involved, it is easy to affect display problems, but XPageSpeed only supports JavaScript, so I don't think there is much to worry about.

Try setting it first

First of all, I feel that it is best to make settings with all turned on, and in the unlikely event that a problem occurs, try turning them on and off one by one to find out what is causing the problem.

XPageSpeed only has 6 settings, so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

Understand that improving display speed is a risky task

WordPress and plugins have made it easy to do just about anything.

However, changes and repairs that seem to work easily on the surface have various tasks running behind the scenes, such as code changes/deletions and file overwriting.

To improve the display speed, it is necessary to have some understanding of the movement behind it.

The important thing is to hone the ability to solve by yourself when something goes wrong

It is natural that touching CSS and JavaScript related to theme files will have some effect.

What kind of work is involved when you have a backup, and what kind of impact does the plugin have? is important to understand.

Always keep in mind that "the site may behave unexpectedly or the site may break somewhat" and work carefully one by one to avoid causing major problems.

Also, by doing the work one by one, it will be faster to identify the cause when a problem occurs.

If you work without rushing, you can solve a certain amount of trouble by yourself.

Use XPageSpeed as a final push

As a result of actually using it, I was able to feel the change in the numbers more than I expected. However, as mentioned in the notes, if the load is high or if there is a problem on the server side, the effect will be lost, so it is not recommended to use it in such a way that it depends on XPageSpeed.

It would be nice to be able to adjust the display speed as much as possible even in a normal environment and use XPageSpeed as the last push.

* At the time of writing, it has just been implemented, so I think there will be updates and changes to the function in the future. We will continue to update this article accordingly.

If you have any questions after reading the article, feel free to Twitter (@kaznak_com) Etc., please ask.
see you.

Kazuhiro Nakamura
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Representative of Cocorograph Inc. 13 years of SEO history, more than 970 sites with countermeasures. We provide SUO, an upward compatible service of SEO that optimizes not only search engines but also search users. SEO / SUO's original report tool, Sachiko Report Developer. Book "The latest common sense of SEO taught by professionals in the field"
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Representative of Cocorograph Inc. 13 years of SEO history, more than 970 sites with countermeasures. We provide SUO, an upward compatible service of SEO that optimizes not only search engines but also search users. SEO / SUO's original report tool, Sachiko Report Developer. Book "The latest common sense of SEO taught by professionals in the field"