We will shift to a telecommuting system in preparation for the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

In preparation for the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we will take the following measures to ensure business continuity and the safety of all people related to our company.

Switch to working from home

From January 27, 2020, all employees will be working from home until the situation is resolved.

About service provision during the period

We will respond as usual.

About contacting us during the period

Please use the inquiry form on the page below.

If you are a customer or you already know the contact information of the person in charge, please contact each person directly.

Although it will be a sudden response, we have already established a system that can respond unchanged even during the period of working from home, and we will strive to provide the same service.
In addition, we will ask you to change to online for all meetings, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.