Troublesome SEO report simply.

Troublesome SEO report

It is quite a tedious task for SEO staff and SEO consultants to grasp the status of the policy site firmly, and since the ranking of Google search results changes depending on the person who searches, even a simple keyword ranking check is meaningless. ..

Sachiko Report aggregates all keywords and search queries in all search environments of the target site, connects the final conversion and keywords, and greatly reduces SEO reporting work.


What Sachiko Repor can do

With various types of report output
Support SEO with automatic data extraction

This is a report system developed by SEO Consultant of Cocorograph to facilitate daily consulting work.

It is easy to understand what kind of situation the target site is on Google by extracting keywords of various situations as well as data such as ranking, impression count, clicks of all keywords displayed in the search results of the site. It is summarized.

Even on large sites, anyone can easily figure out which keywords on which pages to focus on.

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Data integration

Analytics and search console
Data is automatically integrated.

Sachiko Report collectively acquires the data of Google Analytics and the search query report of the search console, and integrates and analyzes it.

Only the Google account linkage work is supported.

All you have to do is wait for the report data to be created automatically.
Anyone can easily get started.

SEO issue extraction

The number of impressions is high and the ranking is low.
It becomes an issue such as a high contract rate
Automatically extract pages and keywords.

Access analysis such as Google Analytics and data from the search console are usually used to extract SEO issues, but it is necessary to acquire each data and connect the data for analysis. It takes a lot of time and effort.

Sachiko Report automatically derives pages and keywords to be improved by combining Google Analytics conversion data with search console ranking and keyword data.


Ranking report

Even with the same keyword
It changes for each area
Report all search rankings.

Did you know that Google's search rankings vary by person and situation?
For example, even with the keyword "Izakaya", if you search in Tokyo and Osaka, completely different search results will be displayed.

The ranking data acquired by the SEO company and the ranking acquisition tool only records the data of the search results in the environment of the tool, but the ranking is not all.

It is possible to acquire and report all the differences in search results by such people.

CSV export

Because you can edit the data in Excel
Easy data processing.

If you want to download daily data from the search console, you have to divide a lot of data and download it, which is troublesome.

Sachiko Report is a search console and analyticsAll ofThe integrated data can be downloaded in CSV format.

Since it can be easily processed while narrowing down, sorting, and deleting unnecessary data using Excel or Google Spreadsheets, you can freely use it for your own research and analysis, and for extracting only the necessary data.


Reduce the time it takes to analyze SEO
"The site improvement that should be done originally
Create time to "focus on your work"

Since the situation of SEO measures suddenly changes due to various external factors, it is necessary to check the situation and verify the effect each time, which is very time-consuming. Data integration between access analysis tools and search consoles, keyword association for each page, ranking changes, changes in the number of clicks, and the impact on conversions must be investigated.

If you use Sachiko Report, all the data will be compiled automatically, so you only have to look at the results and make a plan for the next measure.

Cocorograph's SEO consultant was developed to focus on consulting work without the hassle of analysis. With that know-how, I hope to support your SEO.

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Sachiko Report

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