What is a breadcrumb trail? I do not need? It also explains how to write effectively for SEO and structured data!

When you're researching or working on SEO measures, do you ever see the word "breadcrumb trail"?

In this article, I will introduce the meaning of the breadcrumb trail, how to write it in favor of SEO, and the part related to structured data.

What is a breadcrumb trail?


The breadcrumb trail is the "Breadcrumb trail" on the website.A landmark that shows the hierarchy of the site you are currently viewing. "Points to the link.

In English, it is written as "breadcrumb" or "breadcrumbs list".

Taking our image as an example,

From the home screen, you can see that you are on the "[2022 Latest] Search Ranking Check Tool ..." page through the "Knowledge Note" page.

If there is a user who feels "I want to read other articles", I can move to the knowledge note. If there is a user who feels "I want to return to the first screen once", I can return to the home with one click.

It is a very important element for users because they can intuitively change pages and immediately understand "where are you now?".

Origin of the breadcrumb trail

There are various theories about the origin of the breadcrumb trail.

A popular fairy tale is the "Hansert Gretel" theory.

It is said that it came to be called a breadcrumb trail based on the episode in which brothers and sisters walking in the forest tore the bread so as not to get lost and marked it so that they could see where they passed. ..

Do you need a breadcrumb trail?

On the internet, you may be asked, "You don't need a breadcrumb trail?"

As an SEO shop, "RequiredI would like to say, but are there many people who do not want to include it depending on the design etc.?

Also, it seems that many people feel that they do not need it if the navigation is shown or the hierarchical structure is shallow.

As a point that the internal link can be installed naturally, I think it is better to put it in. If you measure the heat map and click rate, you can see that a good number of users are clicking.

Let's set up a breadcrumb trail.

Benefits of setting up a breadcrumb trail

What are the benefits of having a breadcrumb trail?

Indirect SEO effect can be expected

By setting up a breadcrumb trail, you can indirectly expect the effect of SEO.


  • You can weight the page by naturally increasing the number of internal links.
  • A hint for crawlers to follow links
  • Improved usability


By installing it, the search ranking will not rise without permission, but if you understand the significance of installing it, you can utilize it for SEO measures.

Google also recommends setting up a breadcrumb trail

Google officialSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter GuideAccording to

A breadcrumb trail is a line of internal links at the top or bottom of a page. Visitors can use the breadcrumb trail to quickly return to the previous section or root page. Most breadcrumbs have the most common page (usually the root page) as the first leftmost link, with more specific sections to the right. If you want to view the breadcrumb trail,Structured data markup for breadcrumbsIt is recommended to use.

... apparently ...

Disadvantages of setting up a breadcrumb trail (Notes)

It is an exaggeration to call it a disadvantage, but I will explain it as a point to note.

The structure is conscious of the link structure, not the directory structure.

Many people will think of breadcrumb trails along the directory structure. At that time, make sure that the directory structure is organized in the order in which the site structure is clean.

For example, suppose the white chocolate page has the following structure.
https://sweets.com/chocolate/white chocolate

However, the white chocolate page is
https://sweets.com/ white chocolate

If it is, if you set up the breadcrumb trail as it is, you will suddenly fly to white chocolate from the home.

In that case, list the breadcrumbs as "Home> Chocolate> White Chocolate".

It would be nice if the directory structure of the site was created neatly in the first place, but there are cases where this is not always the case due to specifications or some reason.

Please respond flexibly.

Include keywords

As an SEO consideration, let's include keywords because it's a big deal.

Let's be aware of such details, not "just make it for the time being".

However, let's make it comfortable.

How to set up a breadcrumb trail

From here, I will explain the installation method.

For WordPress [Plugins] 1. Breadcrumb NavXT


In the case of WordPress, there are many things that can be easily handled with plugins.

One of the things that often comes up when you look it up is "Breadcrumb NavXTCan be mentioned?

It can be easily customized on the setting screen and can be flexibly supported.

For WordPress [Plugins] 2. Yoast SEO


Speaking of famous SEO plug-ins, "Yoast SEOWill be mentioned.

Since it also has SEO functions, I think it's better to have an image of setting a breadcrumb trail as well, rather than just putting it in for a breadcrumb trail.

However, as of the latest late June 2022, there is a bug that the site is not displayed due to interference with other plugins, so I hesitate to use it for a while.

* If you pay attention only to the interference with other plug-ins, it is easy to use and very excellent.

For WordPress [Plugins] 3. Rank Math


It's a bit sloppy, but instead of Yoast SEO, I'm using this SEO plug-in "Rank Math"is.

This is also a very easy-to-use SEO plugin with an additional breadcrumb trail feature.

There is also a link with the search console and analytics, so you can check the data of various sites with this plugin alone.

Also, I will write an introductory article about this plugin separately.

How to set up a breadcrumb trail statically (HTML)

I think that there are few cases, but when writing in HTML, write in the following form in the body.

<div id="breadcrumb"> <ul> <li><a href="/" itemprop="url">お菓子.com</a></li> <li><a href="/chocolate/" itemprop="url">チョコレート</a></li> <li><a href="/chocolate/white-chocolate/" itemprop="url">ホワイトチョコレート</li> <li><a href="/chocolate/white-chocolate/big/" itemprop="url">大サイズ</a></li> </ul> </div>
Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

Description method using structured data

Structured data can be used to convey specifics to crawlers.

Among them, I will explain the description method of "JSON-LD" format recommended by Google.

<script type="application/ld+json"> { "@context": "http: //schema.org", "@type": "BreadcrumbList", "itemListElement": [ { "@type": "ListItem", "position": 1, "item": { "@id": "https: //okashi.com/", "name": "ホーム" } }, { "@type": "ListItem", "position": 2, "item": {" @id": " /chocolate/", "name": "チョコレート" } }, { "@type": "ListItem", "position": 3, "item": { "@id": " /chocolate/white - chocolate / ", "name": "ホワイトチョコレート" } } { "@type": "ListItem", "position": 4, "item": { "@id": " /chocolate/white - chocolate / big / ", "name": "大サイズ" } }] } </script>
Code language: PHP (php)

It looks like the above.

If you want to make sure that the structured data you actually wrote is correct, Google officialRich result testLet's check using.

Set up a breadcrumb trail and make effective use of it.

Good use of breadcrumbs can be very useful for both SEO and users.

Also, as a related article, we also explain how to improve the structured data data-vocabulary.org schema deprecated error in the breadcrumb trail, so please refer to it as well.

favicons? domain = cocorograph Structured data of breadcrumbs data-vocabulary.org schema deprecated How to improve errors | Cocorograph Inc.
It seems that many emails have arrived from the Google Search Console with the title "A new problem with the" breadcrumb trail "has been detected." This time I would like to explain this correspondence. The cause lies in the structured data ...

Kazuhiro Nakamura
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Representative of Cocorograph Inc. 13 years of SEO history, more than 970 sites with countermeasures. We provide SUO, an upward compatible service of SEO that optimizes not only search engines but also search users. SEO / SUO's original report tool, Sachiko Report Developer. Book "The latest common sense of SEO taught by professionals in the field"
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Representative of Cocorograph Inc. 13 years of SEO history, more than 970 sites with countermeasures. We provide SUO, an upward compatible service of SEO that optimizes not only search engines but also search users. SEO / SUO's original report tool, Sachiko Report Developer. Book "The latest common sense of SEO taught by professionals in the field"