[2022 latest version] What are SEO measures? Basic knowledge for SEO beginners

SEO beginner

As a problem that cannot be avoided by those in charge of marketing and those who are newly in charge of the Web in the company, "Please do SEO measures properly on our company's site!""I would like to focus on SEO measures and increase the inflow to the company's site ...Isn't it something to be said?

"What is SEO in the first place?... ""What should I do to take SEO measures?I think ... "

This time,Customer attraction support service using a search engineWe will explain the basic knowledge of "SEO" for beginners in a super-easy and easy-to-understand manner.

  • SEO is a general term for displaying high-ranking search result pages.
  • The purpose of SEO is to "gather users who will achieve the goals of the site"
  • Understand search intent, identify and continue to provide the information users really need

What is SEO? Optimizing your site for search engines


SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, which literally means "search engine optimization".

Search engine means "Google" or "Yahoo"is. For example, when you want to find out something, type a letter into the search window. Websites are listed in the search results, but many people look at the sites in order from the top, so the top-ranked sites can attract more customers.

In other words, the order in which they are displayed has a great impact on attracting customers.

Search engines have rules called "algorithms" that determine the ranking, and by building and operating a site according to those rules, it is more likely that they will be displayed at the top.

In other words, what is SEO?Measures to increase the number of customers by optimizing the site according to the mechanism of the search engine and displaying it at the top in order to increase the number of customersis.

Do you need SEO? Relationship with search engines as seen from actual data


Survey of Kyoto UniversityAnswers that 93.7% users in their 20s and 50s use search engines on a daily basis.

Graph of contents that are constantly used in search behavior on the web (used about once a week)
Source) Katsumi Tanaka Laboratory, Kyoto University Awareness Survey on Next-Generation Web Search Technology

Japan's population in 2020From this, the population in their 20s to 50s is 61.43 million, and the 93.7% is about 57.56 million.

20's12.71 million people
30s13.94 million people
Forties18.14 million people
50s16.64 million people
total61.43 million people
Number of search engine usersAbout 57.56 million people

Search engine is a service that is used by so many users every day in Japan alone, so SEO is very important.

In fact, it was done to 350 corporate marketers,Questionnaire survey of SoldOut Co., Ltd.Then, SEO received the largest number of votes in response to "the measures that I felt were the most effective of the marketing and sales promotion measures."

Web Marketing Awareness Survey Results
Measures that I felt were most effective (left: SMEs, right: large companies)

You can see that SEO has become an indispensable measure in the field of marketing.

Which search engine should implement SEO measures? Is there any problem if only Google takes measures?


There are several types of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! Japan, and Bing, which are generally used in Japan.StatcounterAccording to the survey, Google has the top share of 76.22% from June 2021 to June 2022, which is overwhelming.

StatCounter search engine JP monthly 202106 202206 bar
Quote:Japanese Search Engine Share | Statcounter

If you calculate the number of users of the search engine mentioned above, you can see that the number of Google users is 45.242 million, and that Google alone will be able to cover one-third of Japan's population.

43,872,000 people10.527 million people2.872,000 people288,000 people

As you can see from the above number of users, most SEOs in Japan target Google's search engine.

Yahoo! Japan is actually designed to display search results based on Google, so if it can be displayed at the top on Google, it will be displayed at the top on Yahoo! Japan as well.

Since Google and Yahoo! Japan have a share of about 95%, you will find that you only need to hold down Google's SEO.

The purpose of SEO is not to raise the ranking


The essential goal of SEO is not "upper display".The purpose of SEO is to "increase the number of achievements of the site".

At the beginning, I mentioned that SEO is a measure to display high-ranking searches, but this isMeans, not goals.

actually,"I've been able to attract customers, but sales haven't increased.We may ask you to consult us. It may be possible to attract customers by displaying it at the top, but it does not make sense just to see the site.

It is only when the purpose of the site is achieved that it is effective.

When doing SEO, it often happens that the goal is to display the higher ranks, which should be KPIs (key performance indicators), and lose sight of the essence.

In essence, neither SEO nor other measures to attract customers should be able to be displayed at the top for the purpose of "increasing the number of contracts for the site".It should be, so don't forget it.

Have the content that users are looking for to achieve the purpose of the site

Now, returning to the main subject, I think that the following are common contracts for a site.

  • Service inquiry
  • Document request
  • Sales generation (sales)

When it comes to high-level display, it's easy to focus on techniques and algorithm hacks to improve search rankings. However, these are completely meaningless if the algorithm changes.

If you face SEO in the sense of increasing contracts rather than displaying it at the top, you will see various things from a different perspective.

For example, with the keyword "web marketing company", the site displayed in the first place attracts 1,000 SEO customers a day, and your site is in the second place and attracts 700 customers a day. To do.

Therefore, if we could improve the title and description displayed in the search results, steal the number of customers from the 1st site, and attract 1,200 people even if the 2nd place remains, it would be more advantageous than simply becoming the 1st place. Isn't there?

Such improvements in titles and descriptions in search results are also SEO.

Image of search results

Also, assuming that the contract rate via SEO was 0.5%, if we could improve the contract rate to 0.7% by performing user analysis of inflow keywords, even if the ranking did not change, the number of contracts increased 1.4 times. However, it is also said to be optimized for users via search engines, so it can be said to be SEO.

Image of improvement of contract rate

The above is an example, but like this,The purpose is to increase the number of contracts from users whose inflow source is via search engine, and everything that can be done for that is SEOThat's what it means.

How can you get users to reach your site's goals?

The most basic idea is "Have the content that users are looking for to achieve the purpose of the siteIs to say.

This is true not only for SEO but for marketing in general,Match the information and service content you can provide with the people who are looking for itIt means that.

Basic search engine mechanism


From here, let's understand how search engines generate search results.
First, I will explain how the content is evaluated.

The following is a brief description of the steps that Google's search engine uses to determine rankings.

Crawling → Index → Evaluation by algorithm → Display in search results

Somehow difficult words came out.

Strictly speaking, it's more detailed, but in a nutshell, if you think it's like this, it's OK at this stage.
I will explain the contents in order.

What is crawl

What is crawl?Search engine robots roam the siteis.
Google's robots are called "Googlebots" and wander around URLs that Google knows on a regular basis.

This crawl gives search engines a rough idea of what's in the content.
What is important here

  • Google can only crawl URLs it knows
  • Create an environment where Google can easily crawl

about it.
Even Google, which crawls sites around the world, can't suddenly visit a URL you don't know.

If you can't tell Google the existence of the URL, you won't be able to crawl it, which is the first step in SEO.
Then, what to do? You can tell the URL to the search engine by the following method.

  • Put a link to the URL you want Google to crawl to a URL that Google already knows
  • Post the URL on the site map for search engines and apply to Google

[Updated on April 27, 2022]

Google's John Mueller at SEO Office Hours in March

There's nothing wrong with requesting indexing, but if it's a new site with no signal or information, there's no guarantee that Google will get it, at least if it's a clue to telling the URL.

Ask an acquaintance to link to that person's site.


I was talking. It seems that there are some joke elements. However, external links seem to be more useful than requests to get Google to discover new sites.

What else can I do for the crawl?

It's also a good idea to create an environment where search engines can easily crawl.
For example, the following sites are difficult for humans to see, but search engines also find it difficult to crawl such sites.

  • There are many broken links and many URLs that cannot be seen even if you visit
  • Frequent server errors
  • The display of the site is very heavy

As for crawl, if you dig deeper, the story will be derailed, so I will explain it in detail in another article.

Once the URL is successfully recognized and crawled, proceed to the next indexing step.

What is an index?

Indexing is having a search engine remember your page.
When Google crawls, it remembers URLs that you think might appear in search results.
Of course, if it is not the memorized URL, it will not be displayed in the search results.


Even if you crawl it, it may not be indexed.
For example, the following URLs may not be indexed.

  • The content is thin and worthless
  • Similar or same content as other content
  • URLs with problems with crawl

You can check the status of the index in the Google Search Console, which will be explained later.

To those who ask "What is index coverage?"

favicons? domain = cocorograph Notification of new index coverage issues and remedies | Cocorograph Inc.
Index coverage issues mean that Google isn't indexing the page correctly, and unless you fix the issue, the page will not be indexed by Google and will not appear in search results.

Once indexed, the next step is the algorithmic evaluation step.

Internal measures

Internal measures are to organize the site so that it is easy for search engines to understand because the information that sophisticated users are looking for is posted on the site.

Roughly speaking, it means "let's make a good site".

Internal measures can be divided into internal measures that should be taken for search engines (improvement of crawlerability) and internal measures for users..

SEO internal measures for search engines


As I mentioned earlier, before talking about "the site is easy for users to see" and "posting information that users are looking for" in the first place.First of all, the website must be displayed in the search results.. Also, even if you have renewed the content that was already displayed, you need to let the search engine know that you have updated the site.

Here, we will explain the internal measures for search engines.

Internal measures for search engines 1. Improve the quality of content pages

The same can be said not only for search engines but also for measures for users.

  • Copy all other sites
  • Too little content
  • Information is too unreliable

Needless to say, it is out of the question.

I think that it is unavoidable to gather the contents by referring to the competing sites displayed at the top, but on top of that, we will incorporate the primary information such as our own thoughts and experiences and then add the original content. It is important to create it.

It is also important to understand the search intent of the search user and create better content for the reader.

As of 2021, this very "High quality of contentIs being asked, and I often hear people say, "For some reason, it is not indexed!"

First of all, let's face the content creation on the premise of providing good information.

Internal measures for search engines 2. Create and send an XML sitemap

The crawler will check the pages in order based on the URL registered in the XML site map. Not all URLs are confirmed just because they are described in the XML sitemap, but it is recommended to describe important pages and necessary pages to create an XML sitemap.

* 1. Crawler

A crawler is a patrol program that acquires information such as sites on the Internet and images posted on it and automatically creates a search database. Be aware that SEO is a robot that comes to evaluate your site.

* 2. XML site map

XAn ML site map is a file that allows search engines to efficiently understand the content including the structure and images in the site.

▼ See also Google formula.

favicons? domain = developers.google Create and submit sitemaps | Google Search Central | Documentation | Google Developers
It explains how to create a sitemap, sitemap formats such as Sitemap.xml, and how to submit to Google using Search Console or robots.txt.

Internal measures for search engines 3. Robots.txt settings

robots.txt is a file that can control search engine crawlers.

By preparing this file, you can increase the frequency of crawling pages that need to be crawled.

In particular,

  • Specify pages that do not need to be crawled and pages that you want to be crawled, and control so that unnecessary crawls do not occur.For.
  • Tell the crawler the location of the XML sitemapFor.

Is the role of robots.txt.

In the first place, a crawler does not crawl every page on a site just by visiting the site once.


* 1. Meaning of description in the image

user-agent ・ ・ ・ The wording "*" that describes the crawler you want to control is "the state that does not refuse what comes". Basically, this setting is OK.

Disallow ・ ・ ・ Specify the page that controls crawl. It is necessary to describe when specifying a specific page or directory. Please note that if you use "/", crawl control will be applied to all pages.

Sitemap ・ ・ ・ Write a sitemap with an xml extension. It doesn't matter if you don't have it, but I think it's easier to get it crawled if you write it.

* 2. The capacity of the number of pages that a crawler can (or do) crawl in one visit is called a crawl budget, but the limit of that capacity varies depending on the authority of the site. Sites with more pages than the crawl budget do not seem to crawl all pages in a single visit.

If this happens, it may be slow to be indexed by search engines, or the old information may not be updated.

To prevent this from happening, let's control the crawler with robots.txt.

Internal measures for search engines 4. Properly install internal links

Internal links within the site provide clues for crawlers to find pages as they roam the pages.Make sure to properly set up relevant internal links for each page.

This is because Google's search engine can only follow links with the a tag with the href attribute.

bad example

For more informationThis pagePlease see! A link is attached to "this page" of.
(On this page, the crawler doesn't understand what the link is)

Good example

For more information"Explain the basics of SEO in detailPlease see the page!
(By specifying the text of the link, the crawler can recognize that the link describes the basics of SEO.)

Internal measures for search engines 5. Set up a breadcrumb trail

Having a breadcrumb trail makes it easier for search engines to follow internal links and helps visitors to your site understand your current hierarchy.

If you are using WordPress, there are many plugins that can be easily installed now, so please check it out. I"YoastSEOIs recommended.

Also, the breadcrumb trail doesn't affect SEO whether it's up or down, but it's better for users.

"The position of the breadcrumb trail has nothing to do with SEO," said John Mueller.

* 1. Breadcrumb trail

The "current location of the currently displayed page" at the top or bottom of the site as shown in the image is called a breadcrumb trail.

There are various theories, but in the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel", it is said that it was named "Breadcrumbs" because it was used as a mark by tearing off bread so as not to get lost in the woods. ..

Breadcrumbs are an important element as they can be installed to naturally increase internal links.

Internal measures for search engines 6. Properly normalize URLs

Correctly normalize URLs to avoid the risk of disperse page ratingswill do.

For example, if it is a sales site, "pages with different colors of products of the same model" will overlap, but if it is not normalized correctly, there is a risk that Google will not evaluate it as duplicate content / mirror content. I have.

To avoid these risks, it is important to specify the legitimate URL in one of the following ways:

  • Use the rel = ”canonical” link tag
  • Use rel = ”canonical” HTTP headers
  • Only the URL of the original page is listed on the site map

If we proceed with the example of different colors,It is necessary to tell the search engine that the original product page is "the correct original page"Will be. Normalize with "canonical tag" etc. and delete different color pages from the XML site map.

* 1.Link tag example

HTMLファイル内のhead内に記載 <link rel="canonical" href="http://seo-shosinsha.jp" />
Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

HTTP header description example
This is a well-written example, but when normalization other than HTML is required (cases such as pdf files)

Described in .htaccess
Link: Link: ; rel = ”canonical”

Internal measures for search engines 7. Reduce server load

Server optimization is also an important internal measure.

In the basic part,

  • Update PHP version
  • Utilize functions to distribute the load such as load balancer
  • Utilizing CDN including Cloudflare

Etc. will lead to server optimization.

By reducing the load on the server, the response speed will be faster and the search engine will be more comfortable to crawl.

* Officially, it is stated that the upper limit of the crawl budget will decrease and the frequency will decrease as the load on the server increases.

* 1. PHP

Sites generated by html are referred to as "static". On the other hand, sites such as WordPress are called "dynamic". PHP is used in various applications that require dynamic web page generation, such as bulletin boards, contact forms, and shopping carts. For example, the content displayed on the confirmation screen changes depending on the content entered by the user in the inquiry form and the type and number of products purchased by the user in the shopping cart, but these are realized by PHP processing.

* 2. CDN

CDN is an abbreviation of "Content Delivery Network" and refers to a network devised to deliver web content efficiently and speedily.

Let me give you an extreme example. Let's say that the server of the site you want to see is in Tokyo for the users you want to access. If you are a domestic user, there should be no problem yet. From the user in Brazil behind it, it takes time to display depending on the physical distance.

By using servers at relay points in Tokyo and Brazil to solve this problem, it is possible to communicate at a distance shorter than the actual distance. That is the CDN.
(This is a very extreme analogy, so if you want to know more, please search for "What is a CDN?")

Internal measures for search engines 8. Reduce internal errors as much as possible

For example, as a site that is difficult for crawlers to move, such as a 404 error on the way and a dead end, repeated redirects (transfers), and no internal links installed, the page is pushed to the end. You may not be able to check it.

The fact that the site has few errors and is easy for crawlers to visit is an opportunity to increase the chances that the page will be patrolled from corner to corner and evaluated.Will be.

Also, when users are browsing the site as well as search engines, if there are many errors, it will cause a little stress, or "Is it okay to just have this site error page?It will damage the credibility.

[Internal errors that should be fixed with special attention]

  • Leaving a page with a 404 error
  • Repeated redirects
  • Existence of pages without internal links
  • https page and http page are mixed
  • Linked to redirect URL, linked page is 404 error, etc.
  • Errors around the sitemap

Internal measures for search engines 9. Utilize structured data

To make it easy to understand even for SEO beginners, it refers to tags that are added to promote understanding to search engines.

For example, the purpose is not to make the search engine recognize the string "cocorograph" as just a string, but to tell "this is the name of our company".

As mentioned above, the big advantage is to promote the understanding of search engines.

And the other is the chance to see rich snippets in search results.

I think it's a little difficult to write, but it will judge if it's missing correctly.Rich result testThe tool is also provided by Google.

For other detailsGoogle official announcementPlease refer to the.

* 1. Rich snippet

Rich snippets are information that allows users to visually imagine the page content to help them decide which page to click from the search results screen.

Use the search console to check if the page is crawled

I will show you how to check if you are crawling properly after taking various measures for search engines.

This time, I will introduce how to check on a page-by-page basis.


First, access the search console and click "URL Inspection" on the left menu.

When clicked, you will be prompted to enter the URL you want to see in the search performance area.

Enter the URL of the page you want to check and press Enter.


Then, such an item will be displayed, so click "Coverage" in it.


And, like this, the information with the latest crawl date and time is displayed.

What I want to confirm here is "Last crawlThis is the part. If it is a page that is not updated so much and is not important, it is not a big problem if the date and time are free, but if this date and time is not updated on a new page that you want to publish early or a page that is updated frequently, consider dealing with it. Must be.

If you want to crawl in a hurry

  • Set up internal links from important pages
  • In the first place, the quality of the content may be low, so make sure to create the page properly.
  • Submit a sitemap from the search console

It is necessary to take measures such as.

SEO internal measures for users


From here, I will explain some specific internal SEO measures.

The most basic thing is to post the information that search users want. Search engines want to rank "sites that satisfy search users" at the top.

Users are looking for something through the act of searching, but no one wants to use a search engine that can't find the answer they're looking for.

Therefore, it is a basic condition to post content that has at least an answer to the user.

  • Sites faster than slow
  • Sites that are easier to use than difficult to use
  • Sites that are easier to see than hard to see
  • Unsafe and safer site
  • Information that can reach the itch is posted

I think that is a better site.

Since the system is designed to evaluate these points, it is an internal measure to take these measures.

Internal measures for users 1. Keyword selection

"Keywords" are very important in SEO measures.

Search users convert their questions into keywords and enter them in the search window.

for example,If you want to know what SEO is, search for "What is SEO?"Probably.
This means that the person who searched will reach the page where they can learn SEO and know what they wanted to know.

Similarly, search engines aim to summarize the content that users want in search results, and for that purpose, they evaluate the content with various mechanisms and create search results.
I don't use a search engine that doesn't find the content I'm looking for.

It not only posts content that meets the needs of users on the site, but also predicts what keywords the users who want the content will search for, modifies the content according to the keywords, and also for search engines. The most basic idea of SEO is to provide the content that is the answer you are looking for.

From such a story, a little more search user-oriented optimization is explained on the page "What is SUO? Optimize for users rather than search engines and enhance SEO".

favicons? domain = cocorograph What is SUO? Optimize for users from search engines and strengthen SEO | Cocorograph Inc.
Cocorograph provides a "SUO service" that takes measures not for search engines but for search users, but in detail so that even those who are not familiar with SEO can understand this idea of SUO. I will explain it.

Internal measures for users 2. Change title and description to appropriate ones

If you can choose a keyword, nextIt is also important to set that keyword on the pageis.

For example, this article is written for the basics of SEO and beginners, so

Suppose you set the keyword "SEO beginner". Then set a keyword for the title of the page.

"What is SEO? Basics and mechanism of SEO measures for super beginners"
It's OK if you include keywords that you want to put in a natural feeling like this.

Next is the description. A description is a summary of a page.
When the search result is displayed like the image, it will be displayed as a simple page description.

Description image of the description

This description should not just explain the page, but should include keywords appropriately and set it with an easy-to-understand and attractive sentence that makes the search user want to see the page. ..

If your site is built with WordPress, try using SEO plugins such as "Yoast SEO" and "All in One SEO Pack" for easy setup.

Internal measures for users 3. Increase related and good content to know

Depending on the amount of content on your site, you may need to add more pages if you have less content. If you have some content, you need to improve your existing content.

For example, our site also has a column article. There, it covers error-specific countermeasures for a tool called "Search Console" that is inevitable for those involved in SEO.

Not limited to tools, hints can be seen by thinking about the knowledge to be used together and the knowledge to be learned. If it is a site related to SEO, there is a general outline of "external measures" and "internal measures", and you can expand it to "Title tips" and "Description points" in "Internal measures".

But one thing to keep in mind isDo not "derail"is. "SEO story" ⇨ "Page display speed story" ⇨ "Fast internet line story" ⇨ "Recommended server story" and so on. It had been done. You can also see the contents. Let's watch out.

Internal measures for users 4. Improving the quality of content

The user who searches must have some "worries" or "questions".

It is also an important part that it is necessary to create content after understanding "what purpose they have" and "what they want to solve".

For example, let's say someone searches for "SEO points".

Of course, you want to know the knowledge and tools about SEO, but in essence, that person not only wants to know the information, but also raises the rank and name of the company's site. Furthermore, I think the goal is to attract customers and increase sales.

With that in mind, users will be more satisfied by not only introducing information in the article, but also by incorporating more detailed stories such as detailed tips and points to note for each genre of the content to be handled as a story that goes one step further. You should be able to get it.

Here are some points to help you create content

・ Utilization of Q & A sites (such as the famous Yahoo Chiebukuro and Komachi's remarks on the trouble consultation bulletin board for women)

If you try to type a countermeasure keyword on the Q & A site, the user's worries and the best answer to it are posted, so it may be a reference for writing articles.

Refer to the suggestion keywords

It is that function that related search words are lined up below when you enter characters in the search window.

This is a keyword with high needs, so let's refer to it as well.

Refer to the contents of other sites displayed at the top.

For sites that are already displayed at the top, there are many references because the content that we have told you so far is correctly evaluated by search engines. Content that is on a higher-level site but not on your own site, or on the contrary, content that is not on a higher-level site but is likely to be created on your own site.

However, if you copy the same content as it is, the search engine will tell you that it is a copy, so please be careful as it will not be evaluated.

Enter content that only you know.

Original content not written on other sites is a powerful weapon. Ideally, you should be able to incorporate what you feel and think.

Internal measures for users 5. Don't forget to support smartphones

With the Mobile First Index, which was fully introduced on March 27, 2018, the content of mobile sites was evaluated, so SEO of smartphone sites became necessary in earnest. If you live a normal life, you will understand the importance of researching things on your smartphone, the convenience of shopping, and the support for good smartphones.

There are many important things in dealing with smartphones.

For example, because the screen is small, we pay attention to important contents and operability so that users do not feel inconvenience, and we can reduce the difference from the PC site as much as possible.

External measures


In a nutshell, external measures are "let's make it a popular site."
I think that the "sites that satisfy search users", which I mentioned in the internal measures, are more popular than unpopular sites.

Therefore, Google measures a number of popular indicators.

for example,

  • Sites and pages that are talked about
  • Sites and pages with many links
  • Frequently searched sites

Etc. are indicators.

Popular sites are mentioned and introduced in various places.

Google evaluates content while roaming sites around the world. In addition, we are trying to make each site popular by measuring what kind of pages and services are introduced, including the connection of sites by links.

Even if you collect backlinks, no one will suddenly put up a link when the operator of the site you don't know tells you to "link to our site!".. Promotion other than SEO and promotion of recognition are the most basic actions of external measuresIt will be.

About backlinks

However, sites with many backlinks are still strong. See below.

4. Democracy on the web works.
Google search works because it is based on the links that a large number of users put on your website to determine which site's content is important. Google uses more than 200 elements and a variety of technologies, including the PageRank ™ algorithm, to assess the importance of each web page. PageRank's algorithm interprets links between pages as "voting" and analyzes which sites are being voted as the best source of information by other pages. This approach is more effective as the web grows, as new sites increase sources and votes. Google is also focusing on open source software development, which is innovating with the power of many programmers.


Quoted from 10 facts listed by Google

It's difficult to say, but "Getting a lot of links is a good siteGoogle has the idea. The principle seems to be based on the idea that "the papers cited / used in more papers are good papers".

As a current measure, it is said that the influence of links is less than in the past, but the power of links is still strong.

But be careful!

Too much to ask for backlinks,It doesn't make sense to create multiple sites of your own by self-made and set up links, or to connect links from low-quality sites indiscriminately.So let's stop.

Also, please be careful about the words from the SEO company, "I will add a lot of links! This will improve the evaluation of the site!". RatherCases where artificial linking activities backfire and are penalizedThere are many.

▼ For more information on links, see the Google Search Central Links program.

favicons? domain = developers.google Google Web Search Spam Policy | Google Search Central | Documentation | Google Developers
Our spam policy details the behaviors and techniques that can cause your page or entire site to be down-ranked or completely excluded from Google Search.

The first step in collecting backlinks is to create content that others will want to refer to or cite in your articles or sites.

As an example I saw on an overseas SEO site,If you have content that you feel is good, look for content that mentions something similar and send a DM to the author saying, "Please quote my article as well."What a story was also seen in overseas articles. It feels like it's peculiar to overseas, but it's also nice to be able to build a good relationship with such an act.

External measures are to use SNS and other promotions to create a popular site that raises the topic, promotes sharing and linking, and is ultimately searched by site name or brand name. It will not be.

For that purpose, sites that are difficult to understand and use will not become popular, so we must create content that is useful to people and create sites that are easy to use.

SEO is not just an internal measure or an external measure, but both are closely related.

An index called EAT

If you are a beginner in doing SEO, you may not have to think too seriously, but when considering SEO, "EAT (specialty, authority, credibility)There is an index called ".

  • E Expertise = Expertise
  • A Authoritativeness = Authority
  • T Trustworthiness = Trustworthiness

It is an acronym for the three indicators, and Google officially mentions the search quality evaluation guidelines.

With this index in mind, there is no direct countermeasure, but "Cite information that the source can trust, "Whether you can provide professional knowledge about the same categoryLet's face the operation of the site and the creation of contents while paying attention to such things as.

I told you earlier,Utilization of structured dataIs also recommended.

An index called YMYL

YMYL is an abbreviation for "Your Money or Your Life". It refers to a theme that has a potential impact on people's well-being, health, and safety.


  • News and political themes
  • Economic themes
  • Health and safety themes
  • Themes related to race and religion

Is the main index.

It is a theme that we should be careful about in our daily lives, and at the same time, we must choose words and select the correct information.

The same is true on the Internet, and if incorrect information is posted on the page dealing with YMYL, it may have a negative impact on the lives of those who believe in that information. Therefore, the YMYL area has strict standards for judging the accuracy and reliability of information.

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO


From here, I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of SEO.

The benefits of doing SEO

It will be an opportunity to increase the click rate

SEO has the advantage of a high percentage of clicks (click rate) in the number of impressions in search results.

This means that you can attract more customers than listing ads that can be placed in search results.

As you may have experienced, clicks on ads tend to be shunned. There may be various reasons, but in the case of advertisements, the click rate tends to be low because of the psychology that "something can be sold".

On the other hand, it seems that the top sites of natural search are recommended.

AISAS LawThat said, consumers are Attention-> Interest-> Search-> Action-> Share.

Many consumers do a search before the buying action as described above.
In other words, users who have flowed in by natural search can be expected as "prospects with high purchasing motivation".

No advertising costs

Posting a natural search does not cost anything even if it appears in first place.
If you can rank high in the search, you can attract customers without spending money.

The produced content becomes an asset

In the case of attracting customers, etc., while spending money, it will be displayed until the cost is exhausted, but no matter how good the page is, it will not be displayed at all when the cost is exhausted.

On the other hand, the content created by SEO measures will not disappear until you delete it. Continue to display content to your visitors at no cost.

Depending on the algorithm of the search engine and the appearance of competing sites, the ranking may change slightly, but it is unlikely that it will suddenly collapse significantly.

Creating content is a constant measure for SEO, and there is the advantage that continuous improvement can be achieved by making regular improvements.

Can enhance branding

In the world of the Web, by being recognized as "~~ is a cocorograph", it is possible to make users recognize that it is valuable, and it also leads to trust.

Displaying it at the top of the search results is close to the image of nurturing something that is not recognized as a brand.

Disadvantages of doing SEO

Difficult to stabilize the position

The mechanism by which search engines determine their position is constantly being reviewed and updated.

Since the evaluation criteria change every day, the search ranking also changes every day.

Since it is the search engine that determines the ranking, sometimes the ranking may drop or fluctuate due to the search engine's convenience, and in the worst case, there is a possibility that the number of customers will drop significantly.

It takes time and effort

In recent years, Google's algorithm has incorporated various indicators into the evaluation axis, so it evaluates essentially good sites.

Simply put, providing high-quality content is directly linked to SEO, but if you dig deeper, you will not only understand what search users want to know and provide the answer, but also be comprehensive and highly specialized. It's easy to see, easy to understand, and requires authority.

I don't know what you're talking about! You may think that, but you have to create a site that is superior in every aspect compared to competing sites.

That's why you have to create a site that goes beyond the content that big companies spend a lot of money and resources on.
Accumulation of small corrections and addition of high-quality content is an important task, so it takes time as much as labor to be evaluated by search engines.

It's a difficult time for beginners

It's close to the above story, but SEO in recent years has a wide variety of prototypes. From keyword selection to competitive research, analysis and analysis of data and numbers using tools, knowledge around the front end is required to respond to core web vitals, etc. AnywayThere are many things I have to know and I have to be able to do.

Suddenly, inexperienced beginners tend to think, "Let's perfect your company's SEO!"

Updates are constantly being made on the Web and in the world, and even our staff are studying every day, and it is impossible to respond by just waving old knowledge.

What is an algorithm?

what is google algorithm

An algorithm is a mechanism by which a search engine evaluates a site or content, and it is said that there are more than 200 types of evaluation indexes.

▼ How the algorithm works from Google

favicons? domain = developers.google Detailed Guide to How Google Search Works and Search Results | Google Search Central | Documentation | Google Developers
Explain how the Google search engine works. Learn how crawling, indexing, and ranking processes affect your ranking in Google search results.

To introduce some of the contents,

  • Search intent, matching with keywords
  • What kind of person made the content
  • Is it highly relevant or specialized to the theme?
  • Is it popular content?
  • Is it an easy-to-read and easy-to-use site?

And so on, Google incorporates various indicators into the evaluation axis and evaluates the content.
The content evaluated in this way is displayed in the search results.
Basically, SEO will optimize for this series of flows, but I will explain what kind of method there is.

Site evaluation by AI

1 3 rankbrain process 960x363 1

Furthermore, in recent years, a mechanism called Rank Brain, in which Google's AI evaluates the site and determines the search ranking, has also been introduced.

Previously, an algorithm created by human hands was used as an evaluation index for the site, but with the introduction of Rank Brain, AI will utilize a huge amount of data to measure user satisfaction and use that tendency as an algorithm. It will be reflected automatically.

In other words, the speedy mechanism for evaluating sites that satisfy user satisfaction has made it faster.SEO must be tackled by considering not only the content but also trends such as design and usability (UI / UX), ease of use, and ease of understanding.It's time.

[Extra.1] 10 First Principles to Know When Working on SEO by Kevin Indig

A platform for famous EC sites"Shopify"Kevin Indig, who can be said to be the SEO team leader of10 first principles to be aware of when working on SEOWe are announcing the summary.

The items are easy to understand not only for advanced users but also for beginners, so I will excerpt them. Please refer to it.

1. Search is driven by query / keyword

2. Search engines use backlinks as a basic signal to rank results and discover new sites / pages

3. The page must meet the user's intent to rank the keywords (sets)

4. Google prioritizes brands over brand queries

5. Pages cannot be ranked without being indexed. It also cannot be indexed without crawling.

6. Google prefers fast, secure, spam-free results

7. A single page can be ranked in thousands of keywords

8. Google ranks search results in the local language

9. Titles, internal links, alt tags, and content help Google understand what's on your page.

10. Mobile and desktop search results may vary


Not only for beginners, but if you pack up a lot of knowledge, you will get confused about prototypes and information. When you are in trouble, let's go back to the beginning.

[Extra .2] John Muller "Don't just think about SEO, aim to create useful content for users"

John Mueller, who can be said to be the authority of Google SEO, leaked this statement in August 2022.

"Stop chasing information for SEO blogs and rankings and start creating content that is truly useful for users."

[▼Details are also introduced in this article▼]

As John Muller wants to say, ``If the awareness of SEO is too strong, the content that only follows the information of the top sites and changes the wording will become stronger, and the information that users really want to know will become stronger. It is likely that there is a concern about the increase in content such as "I haven't been able to dig too deep."

In order to rank higher, I have no choice but to refer to the information of competing sites, but I would like to be able to transmit my own experiences and impressions as much as possible so that I can create original and unique content.

Useful tools for SEO

Here are five useful tools that are useful for SEO measures.

Google Search Console

The search console is one of the tools provided by Google for free. In the past it was called Webmaster Tools.

Simply put, it's a tool that lets you check the health of your page, letting you see the details of your search queries, and see if there's a problem that could lower your site's ranking.

You can also check here for the "index" that I talked about in the search engine mechanism earlier.

▼ Search console (Google account is required to use)

favicons? domain = search.google Google Search Console

Sachiko Report

This is a reporting system developed by Cocorograph SEO Consultant to make daily work easier.
It is easy to understand what kind of situation the target site is on Google by extracting keywords of various situations as well as data such as ranking, impression count, clicks of all keywords displayed in the search results of the site. It is summarized.
Even on large sites, anyone can easily figure out which keywords on which pages to focus on.

▼ Sachiko Report

favicons? domain = cocorograph SEO Report Tool | Sachiko Report
Sachiko Report is an SEO reporting tool that makes it easy to report search queries. Measures the ranking and clicks of all keywords on the site, and integrates Google Analytics data. Extracting pages and keywords that contribute to conversion, CTR of search results, etc.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

In a word, it is a tool that checks all the information on the site and lists it just by entering the URL of the website.
With Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool, all URLs in the site, H1 tag and H2 tag, wording and number of characters of meta tag, outgoing link, backlink and internal link, protocol code, file path of all images, etc. in the website It extracts all kinds of information. The XML site map can also extract only pages other than 404 and 301 pages, which is very convenient.

"Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool" has a free version and a paid version, and the free version can survey up to 500 pages in the site. By the way, the name of "Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool" is a little long, so it is often called by a nickname such as "frog".

▼ Screaming Frog SEO Spider

favicons? domain = www.screamingfrog.co Screaming Frog SEO Spider Website Crawler
The industry leading website crawler for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu, trusted by thousands of SEOs and intervention worldwide…


ahrefs (1)
This is a fully charged (Japanese Yen, starting from about 12000 Yen per month), but it is one of the SEO tools that are supported all over the world. Not only can you see errors and detailed data on your own site, but your greatest strength is that you can also get detailed data on competing sites.

In SEO, backlinks are an important indicator, but not only the number but also the quality of links, such as what kind of site the link is coming from, is important. Ahrefs can also get detailed data such as the URL of the backlink source and anchor text.

▼ arefs

favicons? domain = ahrefs Ahrefs --SEO Tools & Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic
You don't have to be an SEO pro to rank higher and get more traffic. Join Ahrefs – we're a powerful but easy to learn SE…

Google Analytics

This is also a web analysis tool provided by Google for free.

You can see in detail how the visiting user arrived at the page, including age group, gender, and device type.
This is also indispensable for reviewing the content of a page because you can check which page you are staying at and how long you are staying on which page the user will stop viewing immediately.

▼ Google Analytics

favicons? domain = analytics.google Redirecting ...

What is SEO?

The above is a brief overview of SEO.

It is also posted in the opening point, but in short,

  • SEO is to optimize the site according to the mechanism of the search engine.
  • The purpose of SEO is to "gather users who will achieve the goals of the site"
  • Post content that meets user needs and modify it according to keywords

But I think it's the essence of SEO.
In general, I think there is a strong recognition that it is a "measure to display the site at the top of the search result page when searching for a specific keyword with a search engine".

However, the essence of SEO is not limited to this, and as explained at the beginning, SEO is "search engine optimization". By optimizing for the search engine, it goes without saying that we will increase the number of customers via the search engine, but we will also achieve "conversion", which means the goal of the site, such as purchasing products and services and making inquiries, and maximize the results. The ultimate goal should be to do.

Displaying your site at the top of the search results page is just the process of getting to your goal.

Originally, what should be called SEO isMake essential optimizations to the site itself, not just for top-level display on search results pagesIt includes not only how high the display ranking is obtained with which keyword, but also how many users inflow and conversions via search engines and how much results are achieved. You have to think about it.

In essence, you can't expect success in SEO unless you take action while being deeply involved with the business you are developing on your site and its purpose.

At the same time, don't just worry about how Google evaluates you.
Let's start with "How to make users happy".

Then, "What is the most valuable information for prospective customers now?" And "How can we deliver the most necessary information to prospective customers without stress?"
Keep thinking about it with reference to trends and various data.

This is probably the most basic idea of SEO.

I hope this article is the first step in your SEO.
If you have any questions after reading the article, feel free to Twitter (@kaznak_com) Etc., please ask.
see you.

Kazuhiro Nakamura
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Representative of Cocorograph Inc. 13 years of SEO history, more than 970 sites with countermeasures. We provide SUO, an upward compatible service of SEO that optimizes not only search engines but also search users. SEO / SUO's original report tool, Sachiko Report Developer. Book "The latest common sense of SEO taught by professionals in the field"
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Representative of Cocorograph Inc. 13 years of SEO history, more than 970 sites with countermeasures. We provide SUO, an upward compatible service of SEO that optimizes not only search engines but also search users. SEO / SUO's original report tool, Sachiko Report Developer. Book "The latest common sense of SEO taught by professionals in the field"