SUO focused on users who are not just SEO

Not SEO measures for search engines
SUO for "people"

SEO measures, or search engine optimization, are changing very quickly.
With the changing Google system that changes every day, there is a possibility that measures will be wasted, so is it really important to follow Google's system and take countermeasures?

In essence, SEO will be far from successful if you can't create a site that's not just search engine-optimized, but good in every way.



SUO, not SEO measures
Optimized for people, not machines

Not for the purpose of improving the ranking
Build a good site in essence

Competitive comparison / Sachiko report
Introduced in-house developed optimization tool

From planning to implementation
You can leave everything to us

The measures of the SEO countermeasure company
Isn't it a refurbishment for a search engine?

Of course, it is important to understand how Google works when taking SEO measures, but the method of SEO measures has changed significantly. At Cocorograph, we are implementing a new measure, "SUO," that replaces the existing SEO measures, and we will explain in detail the concept of that measure step by step.

The contents of this page are simply excerpts of the contents explained by Cocorograph at the time of proposal. However, it contains important content for attracting search engine customers, so please take a look.


What is SUO

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website for search engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technology that matches websites with search keywords and displays the best pages at the top of search results. Optimize your website for search engine algorithms. SEO is a method of web promotion that aims to maximize the number of visitors to your site via search engines.

SUO = Search User Optimization

Search User Optimization

Optimize your website for search users

SUO is a measure to optimize the website according to the users who visit the site. SUO incorporates marketing knowledge based on SEO technology to maximize the results from search users. SUO's measures are advanced measures with few providers because they require knowledge of both SEO and marketing.

To maximize results, it is necessary to improve SEO's ability to attract customers and close rate

SEO alone is not enough


Overview of SUO

Even just HTML optimization
Even just creating content
Just getting an external link
An era when SEO is not effective.

At SUO, it is necessary to take various measures according to user behavior in order to optimize not only the search engine but also the users who are ahead of it.

Even if you say SUO in a nutshell, there are various flows and methods in the process from site construction to evaluation by search engines, and there are various specialized measures for each position, but the point measures are effective. It is difficult to get out, and it is necessary to deal with it as a whole.

At Cocorograph, we gather experts for each measure and not only attract customers for each measure, but also create and provide our own measures to improve the evaluation from search engines as a result.

The concept of SUO is also explained in detail on this page.


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SUO measure example



With a thorough keyword survey
Understand the SEO status of competing sites
Visualize not only the number of searches but also the difficulty level

Attracting customers from search engines is, so to speak, "keyword marketing."
The speed and effectiveness of measures will vary greatly depending on the keywords used to attract customers.

In the process of keyword research, we will conduct a competition survey and issue a competition comparison report.

In this competition comparison, the number of searches, rankings, clicks, and difficulty of countermeasures for all SEO keywords of the competing sites interviewed are quantified so that even those who are not usually involved in SEO can easily select keywords. Do a clear investigation.

For SEO competitive comparison, we can also provide it by itself.

LPO / CRO for natural search

Optimize SEO inflow page
Understand the behavior of search influx users
Match with search intent

LPO is a measure that generally optimizes landing pages for advertisements to improve the effectiveness of advertisements, but only Kokorograph performs LPOs for landing pages for natural search.

Use heatmaps and analytics tools to understand user behavior, set up First View and CTA, and improve the flow line to the next page you want to show.

LPOs and CROs will make the site easy to understand and convey what you want to convey, making it an essentially excellent content site.

Created with Sketch.

Strengthen cognition rather than external links

External measures are still effective
There is no effect of artificial links
Improve cognition and engagement

Acquiring external links is still an important factor in Google's SEO, but now it is not possible to obtain the SEO effect even if only external links increase. In addition to links, content creators, topicality (citation) reputation on the web, and various other situations outside the site are judged and evaluated.

In order to improve these, it is necessary to strengthen "cognition", and SNS is a very effective means for that purpose.

However, just operating SNS does not mean that the effect will increase.
By gaining engagement and increasing citation, it eventually contributes to SEO-like effects, including external links.

Originally developed report

Challenges and needs from all search queries
Report and reduce analysis man-hours
You can see the next action immediately

In SUO, there is no point in reporting the ranking status of individual keywords. We provide reports that focus on what users and what needs are being met across the site and who is converting.

Sachiko Report responds to personalized search results that change according to the search situation such as people and areas, and reports the ranking, impression count, and clicks of all keywords occurring on the site, contributing to conversion. Visualize the page and its SEO contribution.

From those data, we will derive the page to take measures.




Medical recruitment site

Budget500,000 yen per month
session6,680 sessions → 14,134 sessions About twice
conversion274 conversions → 311 conversions About 1.2 times

Recruitment support company site

Budget300,000 yen per month
session1,003 sessions → 5,912 sessions About 5 times
conversion4 conversions → 16 conversions About 4 times

Lawyer portal site

Budget350,000 yen per month
session15,701 sessions → 185,179 sessions About 11 times
conversion16 conversions → 161 conversions About 10 times

toB environmental service site

Budget250,000 yen per month
session1,163 sessions → 28,758 sessions About 25 times
conversion0 → 49 conversions ∞ times

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